The Rainbow Bridge

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This page is built and maintained by Melody Rainwater as a tribute for other Great Dane owners that have lost their dear friends and companions.  Anyone who has lost their four legged family member can feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to share my space for your farewells and remembrances.

I am dedicating this web site to my best friends and companions, Littlehorse Vindicator JD "Vinnie", and Littlehorse Indian Raindance "Rain" who wait for me at the Bridge.

I know they will take care of  Littlehorse's Jasper who recently joined them as a young puppy.  He was a victim of parvo virus and although his family didn't get to know him for long, they will love him forever. 

To read my tribute to Vinnie click here.

On October 18, 2000 our lovely Rain  joined her brother Vinnie at the bridge.  I'll miss you my sweet girl.

Rain was beloved by "her mom and dad" Johnny & Melody Rainwater,  her "brother & sister" Bobby & Sandra McDonald, and her (what she considered her litter mates) AlexSandra & Connor McDonald.  And last but not least, her adopted son, Fleetwood, who is still searching for her.

Fleetwood went to the Bridge to join Rain November of 2006.  We will always miss our floppy old hound.

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Music title, "Song of the Wolf "

In the future, if any one of you would like to display pictures of your lost Great Dane "dear ones", I'd be more than glad to add their imagines and your farewells to this page.

This is where Vinnie sleeps.  Under our old oak tree.



Dearest Zhessy and Ruby
It is the hardest decision to make,
should I allow the pain and suffering to go on?
Your eyes are asking for me to help you.
I want to believe there is still hope and that everything will be just fine.
If you can not go on, and this has to be.
Then I can only say goodbye and live with the sorrow and pain.
It will never be easy!
There is only a few questions I have to ask:
Is there a dog heaven? Are you there?
Is there a dog heaven? Who do you see there?
Is there a dog heaven?
Do you see our boy Zolan and sweet girl Witse?
Can you tell them how big the loss of our sweethearts is?
Give them a big hug and take care of each other.
Ruby, Zhessy and sweethearts, we will miss you!!!!!

These two lovely girls were owned and loved by our dear friends, Marijke and Jean-Pierre Wolfs of Belgium.  Our hearts go out to you and yours,  Melody, Johnny & Balize

From the moment we saw you, you took a very special place in our hearts.
Words fail to tell the world what a great dog you were.
Always happy,
Always great and gentle with everyone,
Always sweet and noble, example for the Great Danes.
Thank you for everything you learned Jaimy and me.
Thank you for taking care of Bargus, for everything you learned you're little
Thank you for protecting him.
We will always love you
You will have always a special place in our hearts

Until we meet again my dearest Friend.
Jaimy, Hilde and Bargus

Born   05/10/1998
Died   24/03/2004



Thor crossed the bridge on 5/2/08 he was born 2/26/98.

He was one of a kind the absolute best and he was loved by everyone that ever met him. His legacy will live on and touch the hearts of many more. He was not a dog or a pet he was our child. Thor remained true to the end he said he wanted to cross the bridge and we wanted him to stay. Letting him go was hard especially for Rock. Rock came to us in mid October 2006 and that's when he met Thor, and on June 2, 2008 he knew that was going to be the last time they would be together and he cried and didn't want to do anything except be with his dad.

Michael Price


He was already 10 years old when I rescued him from animal control. His owner  had beaten him for having an accident in the house, and he had nipped him in self defense. I was called because the Animal control didn't have the heart to euthanize him when his 10 day quarantine was up, as the owner had demanded. The owner had had a history of abusing him and they were happy to let me take him home.
His name was Sampson and I fell instantly in love with this small, gray faced Great Dane boy. I called him affectionately "old man". He was arthritic but spunky as a 2 yr old at times!  He fell right in with my 4 Danes and made his place here. He was afraid sometimes  and sought me out for comfort. He was my shadow.  After 41/2  months, his arthritis became very painful, medicines were no longer working and he was becoming confused. He asked me to help him to the Bridge one morning and I could not refuse this gentle "old man".
He was lovingly let go on January 23, surrounded by myself, Midge Kelly (president of our rescue) and both Dr. Nichols and Dr. Rufner, our wonderful rescue vets.
To this day, none of my Great Danes lay on his pillow and they seem to "know" he is still here, in Spirit.  For this is where I truly believe that he learned what love was and I pray he went to the Bridge a happy boy. I miss him every day.

Dusti Summerbird-Lockey

Great D.A.N.E. "Great Dane Angel Network Enterprises"





Words cannot describe the sorrow I face at my loss. I've enjoyed his companionship since my ninth birthday. From the days of a four week old puppy to the frailness of his old age, I've never stopped loving him. He was the greatest dog I have ever known. He sure did love people. And everyone loved him too.
To those of you facing similar decisions in your life, putting an ill animal to sleep is truly the best gift you could give to them. Randy was old, and he had cancer for a year, and was truly suffering. I held him as his life faded away and his spirit was carried to Heaven. He is in God's hands now. Rest in peace, Boo-Boo. We love you and you will be missed. 
If you would like to e-mail a message or a tribute, feel free to do so. I will post it on this page.

See you on the Rainbow Bridge, Baby.

My Gentle Giant

The story for this poor boy is too long to display on this page.  I recommend clicking on this link to read it.  It is very sad and points out how cruel and heartless some people can be.

The Story of Zeus

To read his story, click on link above.


Here is our "puppy" for your Rainbow Bridge page, who we lost this past Sunday.
Thank You, Lori Garnant

On a sunny Sunday in March, high on a hill,with the sky so blue as to be unbelievable, and the breeze holding every promise of spring and a rebirth, Nikki, our cherished Great Dane, and noble companion, took his leave of this life and those who loved him.

Disconsolate with his loss we are thankful nonetheless to have shared his short time here and will hold his splendid and gallant heart, in ours forever.

                                                B. & L. Garnant

                                               3/25/01 1:20pm

 Now, we can only 

Think of him as living

In the hearts of those he touched

For nothing loved is ever lost

And he was loved so much.





This beautiful merle was the mother of some of the best harlequins in the show ring and her owner misses her terribly.

Walter, my sweet Prince, know that you were my best friend and my heart.  I will miss you until I join you again on the other side.
All of my love,
Your Mama Michelle
This is the story of loving blue girl who died at the age of 5.
When I was 11 years old I got it into my head that I wanted a Great Dane. My dad jokingly told me I could have one if I found one that was free. That was motive enough for me to start looking for one. I had heard of rescue groups for purebred dogs before so I started searching for one. I found one called the "Great Dane Club of Western PA" and they soon had me on the waiting list for a Dane ( if my parents only knew! ) A week later the rescue called my house and told my mom they had a puppy for me. She was like "What!?" They told her it was an approximately 10 month old blue female that was half starved and left tied to a dumpster outside a shelter in Alexandria, PA. and that she needed a good home. How could my mom refuse that? She "yelled" at my father telling him not to ever say yes if I ask for something even if it sounds impossible for me to obtain it. "You know she'll find a way! " she exclaims at him LOL. So 5 days later on a Saturday morning we drive 2 hours away to pick up my first Dane. "Pepsi Kola Klassics with a K" is what I named her. Pepsi for short. Oh I loved that dog and still do. She made me fall hard and forever for the breed known as the Great Dane. I still think I feel her with me......You see Pepsi was hit by a drunk driver one night after she got lose looking for me. She died in my lap in the parking lot of the vet office. I'll miss her and be grateful to her forever for letting me be a part of her life and for her giving me her trust after she was abused so badly (When I first got her she weighed 75 lbs at 32 inches high) She was the start of my passion and it will never end....

Julie Gould of Goulden Gate Great Danes & Papillons


Read the story of Isak.



"Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principle. And so close did some of the Lakotas come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue. 

The animals had rights...
the right of man's protection,
the right to live,
the right to multiply,
the right to freedom, and
the right to man's indebtedness." 

Luther Standing Bear, Teton Sioux



Hi Our name is Adrian and Dianne Ponzo - Mengham ( Cairns , QLD Australia )  

            How do I tell my Python that shes dying of D.C.M .

            Her heart is far too big and now shes been condemne

            We give her pills and hugs and watch her struggle to breathe

            But your lungs are filling with fluid , and soon will be time for you to leav

            We let nature takes its course cause we wont ever put you down

            But watching you deteriorate ,  is such a brutal sound

            5 years + 5 months then you die on my birthday

            I wish we were there to hold you, for your passing over - for you to rest to lay

            We have since sold our house , because without you its bare  

But we take your ashes with us and we know that life is just unfair

Cougar was 5 months behind you , and we hope that you greeted his fur

He died of a lethal injection because of a mast cell tumor

We get another great dane , but its not like a mend

We would give her up in a heartbeat , just to have you back again


Class of 2006 -                    Puppy Python ( great dane ) and  Cougar ( shar pei )

Puppy Python produces motherly milk for our baby birds

Puppy Python on her death bed




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