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Woodstock bred to our black girls. Sire Hungarian import.

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I don’t want a show dog; I just want a pet. 
by Joanna Kimball on July 13, 2010

This is one of the most pervasive sentiments that puppy buyers, especially families, express when they're looking for a dog. What they really mean, of course, is that they don't want a show BREEDER – don't want to pay the high price they think show breeders charge, don't want to go through the often-invasive interview process, and think that they're getting a better deal or a real bargain because they can get a Lab for $300 or a Shepherd for $150.

I want you to change your mind. I want you to not only realize the benefits of buying a show-bred dog, I want you to INSIST on a show-bred dog. And I want you to realize that the cheap dog is really the one that's the rip-off. And then I want you to go be obnoxious and, when your workmate says she's getting a puppy because her neighbor, who raises them, will give her one for free, or when your brother-in-law announces that they're buying a goldendoodle for the kids, I want you to launch yourself into their solar plexus and steal their wallets and their car keys.

Here's why:

If I ask you why you want a Maltese, or a Lab, or a Leonberger, or a Cardigan, I would bet you're not going to talk about how much you like their color. You're going to tell me things about personality, ability (to perform a specific task), relationships with other animals or humans, size, coat, temperament, and so on. You'll describe playing ball, or how affectionate you've heard that they are, or how well they get along with kids.

The things you will be looking for aren't the things that describe just "dog"; they'll be the things that make this particular breed unique and unlike other breeds.

That's where people have made the right initial decision – they've taken the time and made the effort to understand that there are differences between breeds and that they should get one that at least comes close to matching their picture of what they want a dog to be.

Their next step, tragically, is that they go out and find a dog of that breed for as little money and with as much ease as possible.

You need to realize that when you do this, you're going to the used car dealership, WATCHING them pry the "Audi" plate off a new car, observing them as they use Bondo to stick it on a '98 Corolla, and then writing them a check and feeling smug that you got an Audi for so little.

It is no bargain.

Those things that distinguish the breed you want from the generic world of "dog" are only there because somebody worked really hard to get them there. And as soon as that work ceases, the dog, no matter how purebred, begins to revert to the generic. That doesn't mean you won't get a good dog – the magic and the blessing of dogs is that they are so hard to mess up, in their good souls and minds, that even the most hideously bred one can still be a great dog – but it will not be a good Shepherd, or good Puli, or a good Cardigan. You will not get the specialized abilities, tendencies, or talents of the breed.
If you don't NEED those special abilities or the predictability of a particular breed, you should not be buying a dog at all. You should go rescue one. That way you're saving a life and not putting money in pockets where it does not belong.

If you want a purebred and you know that a rescue is not going to fit the bill, the absolute WORST thing you can do is assume that a name equals anything. They really are nothing more than name plates on cars. What matters is whether the engineering and design and service department back up the name plate, so you have some expectation that you're walking away with more than a label. 
Keeping a group of dogs looking and acting like their breed is hard, HARD work. If you do not get the impression that the breeder you're considering is working that hard, is that dedicated to the breed, is struggling to produce dogs that are more than a breed name, you are getting no bargain; you are only getting ripped off.





















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While we cannot cover everything we do have one of the best guarantees in the United States.

Future puppy parents.  Please make a note that Littlehorse will no longer support the use of Heartworm prevention that also prevents fleas.  You must have your dog on heartworm prevention so ask you vet for one that is only for heartworms. Trifexis is a killer. So far 700 dogs have been reported to have died because of it's use and of course the company Elanco is denying it.  This is not including the tens of thousands who have been reported ill.  Many vets will neither confirm or deny.   If you use this drug you will void your guarantee as we have seen first hand what it can do and wish to spare you and your puppy the pain and heartache.  Click here for more information. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/owners-blame-700-dog-deaths-trifexis/nb5B4/


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Below are some of our past puppies.

The Gentle Giant at his best.

I get asked frequently if Great Danes get along with other dogs.  Above is a picture of Phoenix who is a young stud dog next to Angus who before his genetic neurological condition rendered him crippled and incontinent would bark and growl and carry on like he was going to rip Phoenix's throat out from behind a fence.  Angus has no use of his rear legs at all.  My husband moves him from place to place during the day for a change of view.   He barks all the time because he wants attention.  That is where Phoenix comes in.  It seems that Phoenix has taken Angus under his wing and feels sorry for him so he constantly lays next to him so he isn't alone.

Sorry the picture isn't any clearer but I had to take in through a dirty window so they wouldn't see me.

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Learn about Bloat


These kids belong to Juli Steinhauer.  Hamlet is 6 and Heidi is 7.  Both from Littlehorse.

One week old baby Ethan with Ivan and Lucy.

icspots@littlehorsedanes.com is our email.

What people are saying about our dogs.

This is Gus.  He belongs to the Kelly family and celebrated his second birthday on Sept. 30th.  Dam is Rain and sire is Spanky. Thanks for sharing guys.

This is Bailey.  She is half sister to our newest litter.  In this photo she is 8 months of age and 90 lbs.She is a quick study, and has picked up the basics for fetching (will be used for retrieving objects) and nudging (used to turn on lights, opening doors, etc.). She has a lot of fun! She is being trained as a service dog. Many thanks to her owners the Corbett's of California for sharing.

This is Wasabi in his San Antonio Rampage shirt.  He just won a years worth of free dog food from their contest.  Bet they weren't counting on feeding a Great Dane for a year. :) He belongs to Adriana Hernandez.  Sire: Phoenix, Dam: PoPo

Hi Melody and Family,

Well, we made it! Here are today's pictures of Paloma on her 10th Birthday.
She was in the Ides of March litter out of Willis & Kimmy.
Although much grayer, and oh so slowed down, she is thriving for an "Old Girl."
These were taken just before we went on our daily walk, which over the years has been shortened from 2 miles,
to about 200 yards. I'll be thrilled if I can send you pictures on her 11th birthday but even having her be a part of our lives
for the past ten hearts has been a blessing. She began life in Texas, lived out most of her prime years in Alaska running
on the beaches of Homer and now, like me, is spending her twilight years in the warmth of the desert sun.
Betsy and I thank you for bringing her, and her litter mates, into the world, and want you to know how fortunate we feel that
you saw fit to allow us to nurture Paloma for her time on this earth.
God Bless you, and your family.
We wish all her litter mates a very joyous 10th birthday.

Gary, Betsy, & Paloma
Mesquite, Nevada March 15, 2012



Return Policy

See our past puppies.


Contact me at icspots@littlehorsedanes.com

See our how our puppies have grown over the years.

Below is Allie.  She is a therapy dog belonging to Lisa Kay Easom Otto.  Thanks for sharing.


What our parents say about their Littlehorse puppies.

Dear Melody,
I am writing today to let you know how my life has been enriched by one of your beautifully bred puppies. Avery is almost 8 months old and he has been so happy and healthy! His coat is beautiful and his personality is top notch. He has been the missing piece in our puzzle! We love him with all our hearts and would recommend only your puppies! You have been there to answer my questions no matter how trivial. We are so happy, and thankful! Keep up the great work!

Avery (born to Po and Afton Feb 2011 as Bull Blaster)


I have had 4 of Melody's Danes, and still have 3 (having lost my harl male at 16 months due to multiple toxic spider bites). I can not say enough good things about Melody and her Danes.

 "What are your puppies/dogs like in temperament and health?  Have you ever had an aggression issues?"

 My dogs are wonderful and outgoing except for my oldest and this was definitely NOT a result of Melody's breeding. I am not Zhann's original owner, Zhann was a puppy that Melody took back from the original owner when Melody found out how this woman was treating Zhann - she left her out on the back concrete porch with no dog house or anything. Zhann developed hygromas on her knees (same as fluid on your elbow) and the woman's vet put drains in them. Well...Melody took her away from this woman, brought her home, and proceeded to get her back to being a well-loved puppy. Zhann was 6 months old then. When Zhann was 8 months old Melody decided to try to find a permanent loving home for Zhann - I saw her photo on the internet and fell head-over-heels in love. I have to tell you that when I contacted Melody she did not do the 40 questions - it was more like 400!<g> She kept me on the phone for hours a couple of times. When she let me know she approved of me I drove over the very next weekend and picked her up. Unfortunately we had only had her in the new neighborhood for less than a week when some people down the street with an aggressive dog let their dog get out and it attacked Zhann twice in a few days. After that she has understandably decided that strange dogs are evil. I might also mention that Zhann is an alpha female and all of our other danes from Melody have been purchased with that in mind. Meaning that Melody would not let us have another dominant puppy (esp. female) as that would just be asking for a world of heartache and chaos.

Now that I have gone on & on about my oldest baby let me say again that ALL my other Danes are wonderful and outgoing (as Zhann was before getting attacked). I should also mention that Zhann is ONLY dog aggressive - she LOVES children and if she sees a toddler during our walks she will lay down and crawl to that child as not to scare the baby. <g> She is also wonderful with all the other dogs in my household all of whom started off as puppies in my home. (I also do animal rescue here in LA and occasionally foster puppies in my home.)

As for health - they are all healthy. If only I could say the same about my basset who costs me a fortune in vet bills every month!

 "How old are your Danes?" 

 Zhann is 5.5 yrs old, Zoe is 4.5 yrs. old and George is 2.5 yrs old.

 "How did you feel about shipping the puppies?"

 I didn't have mine shipped. Even though it is a 12 hour drive for me I so enjoyed my first visit with Melody when we got Zhann that I have chosen to drive to see her.

 "What were you looking for in a puppy, and do you think that Melody matched each puppy with your family/needs?  Again, this is assuming that you did not meet the puppies beforehand. 

No, we did not meet any of our puppies beforehand as Melody has a closed kennel. Parvo is rampant in Texas and she does all she can to prevent anyone from accidentally bringing it into her kennel.

When we got Zoe we were looking primarily for a playmate for Zhann, but also a puppy that my daughter could claim as her own (she was 11 then). We called Melody, who was planning on a breeding soon, and discussed what our wants were. She advised us that while she did want us to make some picks from the pictures she sent us that ultimately she would make the decision as to which puppy would fit the bill for our needs. Zoe was perfect! And, no Zoe was not our only choice - I had actually chosen another female out of that litter and my daughter had picked out Zoe. After a couple of weeks Melody said she felt like my pick was too dominant and Zoe was submissive enough for our needs. She was right.

When we got Zarr - I just plainly fell in love! Contacted Melody again and she approved Zarr for our home. He slept in the bed with me every night and was my big ole boy who danced with me on occasion. It almost killed me when we lost him.

Side note about Melody - even though his passing had nothing whatsoever to do with her or her lines she knew how much I loved my babies and told me that whenever I was ready she would let have another puppy. She didn't charge me another penny for George.

When we got George he turned out to be a HUGE love bug - his favorite activity is to clean your face repeatedly while you rub his ears. LOL

"Are you pleased overall with your puppies?"

A resounding YES!

Are pleased with any support you may have required or received from Melody?"

Melody has always been there to answer any questions I have had - and let me tell you that I had some real stupid questions at first. She was always patient, didn't make fun of me, and walked me through any problems I thought I had.

"If you had an American bred Dane before, what differences can you tell me about your Littlehorse Danes?"

I have never owned any other Danes than mine, but I have rescued American Danes and they are much smaller and from what I have heard from other rescues and from breeders American Danes usually have shorter life spans and have more health issues.

BTW, I should tell you that after all these years I feel as if Melody and I are friends and I have called on her for many reasons. We live in Slidell, a heavily hit Katrina area, and when we evacuated and were told that our city was closed Melody offered us a place to stay. When we found we could come back, but my daughter's school would not be opening yet she offered a place for my daughter so she wouldn't lose a year of school. Someone who was just a "dog breeder" would not be concerned with their puppies' families' welfare, in my opinion.

I know I have written a lot, but I can not say enough good things about Melody. LOL

What can I say - I Love Melody and her Danes!
Debra Santalucito

"If I wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I'd put shoes on my dogs."

Hi Melody,

We took her to the vet on Friday for her 10 week shots and I wanted to pass along her comments.  First of all, everyone thinks Midnight is absolutely beautiful.  They have no problems following your vaccination schedule, separate rabies shot, etc.  I took in the portfolio that you sent to us so that we had all of her paperwork and the vet praised it to high heavens saying that she had never had any other patient bring in a packet like that from the breeder.  She said you must really know your dogs and really care about them.

We are enjoying Midnight so much.  Now that she has settled into the house and knows the routine, kind of, there is hardly any whining, she settles nicely in the crate at night, lays at my feet in the morning when I'm getting ready for work, pesters Amos at every possible turn because she adores him and wants to cuddle him.  Sometimes he allows it, sometimes not.  Andy is pulling his weight  on his pledge to help so its all settled down pretty quickly.  I think it was harder with Amos because we didn't know what to do and now, he's the trainer.  She just follows him around and mimics him.   She sits at the back door to be let out to potty, she knows where its ok to potty...I think that's pretty good for just 2/12 weeks here!  I do have to watch her because if she finishes her food fast, she's after Amos' food so we feed them in separate rooms now and when she's done, she gets scooted outside so he can eat in peace.

Thank you again so much!

Susan Patten, California


Littlehorse Danes,
Just wanted to update you on one of your litters.  We adopted him in December 2005 and had him flown to Orlando, FL.  He is such a wonderful family member.  Guest often make comments of how well behaved and beautiful he is.  We consider ourselves VERY blessed to have Aslan.  The think that he does that amazes our friends the most is his ringing a bell to let us know that he has to go "potty".  We have a wind chime hanging by the door that he will hit with his paw.  It's the cutest thing. 
Thought you might like a well overdue update on of your liters from so long ago.
Wanda and Chuck Webb

Comments below about Denzel who is a certified therapy dog.  He is out of Darken to Deejay born 8/14/2006.  Carol did a great job training this boy for such a worthwhile cause.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Carol and Denzel, as I'd imagined, were quite the fuss with a rather large group of our friends in skilled nursing. Carol was very personable and Denzel, as our therapy dogs do, seem to know that they are needed for this type of volunteering. It's so much fun for me to sit back and quietly interact, watching closely for any tips I can give to a newly certified team. This team is a credit to our organization, and wherever they go, stately Denzel will bring a gentle spirit, the comment, "Oh my goodness; he's so beautiful!" and happier, healthier residents and their families for the visit they've enjoyed from a new friend. Thank you, Carol and Denzel!...


Hello Melody,
I wanted to shoot you an email to say hello!  Ruger is getting bigger every day.  We cannot go ANYWHERE without everyone wanting to say hello to Ruger.  And it's perfect because Ruger thinks everyone on the planet wants to pet him (you were SO right about him!!!).  He is such a friendly dog!
We walk him twice a day and at least once a day I am stopped by someone who asks us about him.  We have even had people driving by stop in the middle of the road to ask us questions.  He is a real head turner.  We are constantly hearing from all who see him how beautiful he is.  People comment on his perfect markings, his gorgeous eyes, and his beautiful coat color.
He is doing great!  His puppy class teachers think very highly of him; they say he is a very smart boy.
Thank you for taking such care in the breeding of European Great Danes.  We are so happy we found your website when we did!
Have a great day.
-Melissa and Rocky

If you are considering purchasing one of our puppies please click here and read this first!

Visit our "Then & Now" page to see photos of our past puppies and how they have developed.

Photo above is Maggie Mae.  She belongs to my cousin Donna Sprague and lives in Sargent, Texas.   Maggie is from Darken and Willis and was born on May 5, 2004.



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