The Muscles from Brussels :-)

Dee-Jay van de Bijenberg

Our DeeJay left us October 5,2010. I thought I had so much more time with him. His is like the loss of a child. He was an extraordinary fellow.  The day my husband picked him up at the airport after a long flight from Belgium I could hear him playing in his crate with a squeaky toy as my husband drove up.  He was just 8 weeks old and you would think that he would have been upset with such a long flight and leaving all that he knew behind.  He hadn't messed in his crate and acted as if he had been here forever.  DeeJay or "Macky Doo" as I called him will be terribly missed. He was a true gentle giant and a joy to our lives.

Your face was the first one I looked for each morning.  Your voice told me that you were always glad to see me.  Your eyes shown with your love and trust for Johnny and I.  Your company meant I was never lonely as you filled the room with your presence.  You spent many a long night helping me bring new puppies into the world and was there to greet them and to make sure all was well.  I will always miss you my big loving guy.  You have left an enormous void in our lives but you left behind many of your children that will carry your memory.  You will never be forgotten and you were not just a dog but love on four legs.  Thank you boy for gracing our lives with your wonderful soul that shown out of your beautiful brown eyes that always seemed to be trying to tell me something.  You never made an enemy.  You were truly a joy and a gift and I will be eternally grateful for the short time we were allowed to be with you.  Wait for me at the bridge and I'll make sure I have your favorite cookies and we will again walk side by side.



We wish to thank our  friends in Belgium for again sending us such a wonderful puppy.  Van de Bijenberg kennels belongs to Marijke and Jean-Pierre Wolfs.  Click on their kennel name to visit them and see photos of other wonderful Great Danes that they have bred.


Marijke says goodbye to Dee-Jay.



Photo taken December, 2005.  This boy is a perfect example of what a Great Dane is suppose to be.  He is exceeding every expectation we had in him and feel very blessed that he is a part of our family.

Afton loves Deejay and is a pest.  Deejay is growling at him but would never bite.

Deejay and friend Tank.  No, we do not raise miniature horses.


Sire: King of Kings Tribeca

King is 40 inches at the shoulder

Dam: Zinde  v.d. Bijenbergdogge

This is World Ch. Obelix del Castello delle Rocche at 6 1/2 years of age.  He is Deejay's grandsire on his sire's side of the pedigree.  He is a well known European Champion.  To see more of this great dog you can click here.




Littlehorse Great Danes  2009