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Controversial Topics















Controversial Topics

By Arlene Scarbrough

Scarbrough Fair Great Danes


Reprinted with Arlene Scarbrough permission.  We will endeavor to finish this topic list in time since Ms. Scarbrough is no longer with us.

We’ve been breeding Great Danes for over thirty years now.  We strive to breed “our idea” of  perfect Great Danes.  Health and temperament are our first priority, followed by intelligence, conformation and color, in that order.  So far, we are happy with our results.

Our Danes average lifespan is 10-13 years.

We like to assist others who truly love these dogs.  That in itself is a difficult task.  After considering many of the various possible approaches, including one to one consultations, responding to individual questions received via email, writing a book, participating in mailing list discussions and chats, we decided to use our website.  

The new “controversial issues” section of our website is intended to provide novices, breeders, and other interested parties with our position on frequently debated issues.  Some of the information provided will be factual and some will be our opinion.  Please remember, we have been breeding for over 30 years during which time we have produced well over 100 litters.

 We are not asking people whether or not they agree with us.  We are not interested in debating.  We are simply providing either information compiled by us over these many years or our opinions on frequently discussed topics based on our years of experience.  Our opinions will surely displease many people, and will probably also anger quite a few.  We plan to call it as we see it.  If you don’t like what you read, your escape is a click away!!

Topics To Be Included in Controversial Issues

(The topics will not necessarily be addressed in the order presented.)

This is an educational “work in progress”.  As each topic is completed, it will be underlined, so that you can simply click on it to bring up the information presented under that particular topic. If you would like a topic added or you have a question you would like for us to address, please email us at icspots@littlehorsedanes.com .  Please be patient.  This is an intensely time consuming effort.

1.     What does a champion pedigree mean to a person looking for a pet puppy?

2.     Why do people breed and/ why do people show?

3.     Breeding of merles and other colors not allowed in the conformation ring.

4.     Interviewing breeders.

5.     Etiquette considerations when conversing with breeders.

6.     Breeding your pet.

7.     Puppy mill definition and discussion.

8.     Testing of dogs used for breeding.

9.     Puppy prices?

10. Support services offered by breeders.

11. Vaccinosis

12. What do we feed our Danes?

13. How to evaluate information presented on the internet.

14. Characteristics by color.

15. Training of Danes.

16. The most difficult responsibilities of being a good breeder.

17. Shipping of Danes.

18. Pros and cons of taking in a rescue Dane.

19. How disreputable breeders “get around” their guarantee.

20. Kennel blindness, a “disease” common to breeders.

21. Culling

22. Homeopathy

23. Veterinarians are people too…some good, some not so good.

24. Cropped ears and natural ears…pros and cons of each.

25. European Danes and American bred Danes…the difference.

26. Alternative to crate training.

Once again, if you would like a topic added or you have a question you would like for us to address, please email us at icspots@littlehorsedanes.com.